Titan gel asli harga

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Date published: 2018-02-09 10:57.

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You don t have pressure fryer like KFC that great. Because what you cook isn t KFC and look much better for sure. I should try your cook than KFC. )

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What you said is correct. To strengthen the above, I am adding the following points: Broaster Commercial presser fryer cooks the chicken at 685 deg C and 69 PSI.

The smoke point (no boiling point for oil) of cooking oil is 775C - 795C. and Melting Temp of Aluminum pressure cookers are at 965C.

All pressure cookers operate between 65 psi to 65 psi.

Since chicken has less moisture, the amount of steam produced is less, so pressure is less.

The main idea of pressure fryer is to contain the (chicken) moisture inside the chicken and no oil enter inside the chicken. But in open frying, the moisture comes out from the chicken creates paths and oil can go inside.

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