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Date published: 2018-01-15 12:41.

    Turns out the cake was this Osmanthus Cake (桂花糕) at . Brimming with wolfberries more than Osmanthus flowers, it was too sweet for my liking. But it was fragrant, so those with a sweet tooth will definitely enjoy it.

    So the best item we had was the Siew Mai (鱼孑烧卖) at as it was freshly steamed. So yummy that it didn 8767 t even matter that it was pork free!

    The chef, Isadora Chai was being interviewed on radio regarding her playground, this bistro, when a friend heard it. She creates adaptive French cuisine by incorporating local elements to modern French food. It was the brilliant use of ice cream in french onion soup that highly appealed to us, and we found ourselves at the doorsteps of Bistro à Table, after braving Friday night traffic. Situated at the unlikely corner of shoplots in a quieter area of Section 67, parking is a breeze.

    The earlier mentioned 8775 finale 8776 was this, the Ode to Newton (RM86). I didn 8767 t make any association with apples as the Chef thought we would. But then, it was printed out clearly in the printout that it would be a matter of gravity vs anti gravity. We were probably all waiting for this really elaborate dessert that combined both the soufflé and ice-cream in one so I for one was a tad surprised when we were served 7 separate desserts.

    We then had Irish Oysters with Yuzu Dressing (RM98). The distinctive sharp citrus note of the yuzu fruit with the fresh oyster was indeed a match made in heaven.

    New Shanghai ( www )
    Lot , Pavilion KL,
    668, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
    55655 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel:58-7697 7888

    Overall, the service was quick and the food was reasonably priced. And they have other items on their menu which I would love to try. Only issue is probably the parking around the area. But Malaysians are such a bunch of creative parkers

    It was a girls 8767 afternoon tea session. One of them was keen for us to try New Shanghai due to this memorable cake that she had. As it was a weekend, the shop was packed and we had to wait for a while before we managed to get seats.

    The incredibly light, fluffy soufflé was probably the best I have had in a long time. So airy that it does defy gravity. Cracking it and pouring in the creme anglaise brought the little satisfaction that one gets when cracking the perfect sugar coat of a creme brulee. It must have been so good coz we finished the soufflé way before the ice-cream dropped. Then as we were chatting away, the ice-cream dropped. And I must admit the sight of the melting ice-cream in the ginger beer was a tad unsightly and reminded me of something that is never meant to be discussed over dinner. Heh.

    Happy City Seafood Steamboat
    Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 7,
    57655 Kepong,
    Kuala Lumpur.
    Business Hours: 5:55PM 6:55AM

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