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Date published: 2018-01-20 23:43.

Geisha Coffee from Panama is the second best & most expensive coffee in the world and does not have to go through this 8775 animal process 8776 ) so I guess it is PANAMA that has the best coffee in the World.

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Where : This stall is Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. 77 & 79, Lebuh Keng Kwee, George Town, Penang. Mon-Fri, -7pm Sat & Sun, 65am-. More info here and here.

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It was Sunday Afternoon, after we went Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, we were so coffee addicted then my friend introduce Typica Cafe to me. Well, i have to say Thanks to her. We ordered a Soy Milk + Coffee, but in Typica Cafe we called it as Soyaccino.

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i also see comments from those who already tried it, and they 8767 re all share the same comments 8775 a very delicious coffee in the world 8776 , so those people have already taste the real one, and not disguisted by it, and said that it 8767 s a good coffee, worth to try.

I 8767 m not a coffee fun but I went to Indonesia and cheked as it was cheaper than a Starbucks Caramel Machiato Ventti from Amsterdam Airport ..and the tast of this coffee I need to admit that is excelent. No need for sugar and is not leaving in your mouth any strange taste as the normal coffee. Strongly recommended if you visit Indonesia but ask some local guys from where to buy it because in 5****** restaurants they will charge you with a fortune for the same stuff

Have actually tried it at the coffee plantation in Bali, it wasn 8767 t strained properly so it was a bit grainy, but the flavour was OK. The animal that does the deed is actually a bit like a raccoon or possum. Still prefer my favourite coffee shop Kafenio in Cronulla.

My aunt Mei Hwa (my mom&rsquo s sister) lives nearby and often picks up her family&rsquo s meals from hawkers here.

I had a chance to try some last week, and it was amazingly good. And because they have to be so meticulous about cleaning it, it actually has less bacteria than regular mass-produced coffee.

Hmmmmm its delicious. I live in Pakistan and their is no trend of drinking 95% of Pakistani drink drink I love coffee too.

Taste: for me is slightly too mild coffee..
Price: no idea, is free for me..
Excitement: slightly as you can 8767 t get in malaysia for now! Haha..

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