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Date published: 2018-01-17 14:59.

An extremely rigorous curation process means that only 5% of the products we test make it onto our site. If we’ve curated a product, you can trust that we believe in it and that it works. The Korean beauty and Korean skincare industry is celebrated around the world for fast-paced innovation, unique, natural ingredients, and, of course, effective results.

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This is a full-face facial mask sheet in a 66-combo pack of different mask types. Each of them contains a requisite amount of collagen and Vitamin E to keep your skin healthy and lively. Basically, the masks are designed to keep air out while they absorb every impurity in your face with the exception of your eyelids.

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K-beauty is literally everywhere you turn. But what even is it — aside from a set of products with ridiculously cute packaging? (Panda face masks, we’re looking at you.)

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Coming from one of the most popular skincare brands in Korea, this innovative product is packed with Niacinamide to help whiten skin as you doze. As mentioned previously, Niacinamide works by blocking the melanin absorption of your skin to promote a lighter skin color. This product also has Mulberry extract that works on evening skin tone.

It’s not a Korean beauty round up without a sheet mask on the list. This affordable one uses charcoal and volcanic ash to detox the skin and pull gunk out of your pores. On top of its clearing abilities, it also controls the oil balance so skin can be hydrated but not oily.

But we also know that K-beauty can be overwhelming—where do you start when you don’t even know what half of the ingredients do, and you can’t physically pick them up in the skin-care aisle at Walgreens? That’s where we come in. We rounded up the 68 best, top-rated, must-have-or-I’ll-cry products that have become cult favorites in the Korean (and now American) beauty world, so you, too, can fall in love. Click through to see the lineup!

Step 8:  Use your hands to press the second layer of toner in. (Using a cotton pad for every layer could be a bit abrasive for your skin.) Simply pour a dime-size drop in your palms, and pat it into skin. Wait a short amount of time between the steps when your face feels a little damp versus very wet from the product. This allows the product to be absorbed in and means you are ready for that next layer.

Alicia's Take: “ I love fermented ingredients for all the vitamins, amino acids, minerals in them. However, some people can be sensitive to products with fermented ingredients, and this product came up a lot in reviews from those who usually react poorly to fermented ingredients as one of the few fermented-ingredient products that didn't break them out. So hats off to Primera for this gentle formulation!"

Think of boosters as concentrated serum-like formulas of active ingredients (like vitamin C) designed to be mixed in with your existing skin-care products (like moisturizer, serum, or cleanser). These are great for those who already have a routine they love but still want to reap the benefits of active ingredients.

Skin growth factor: Also known as epidermal growth factor helps stimulate the renewal of cells and the production of collagen. These make sure that the skin's structure is not compromised, while its strength and elasticity are reinforced. In simpler terms, the epidermal growth factor has proven to reduce wrinkles as well as sagging of the skin. On fewer occasions, they have been used to catalyse the cure for wounds, burns with its anti-inflammatory properties.

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