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Date published: 2018-02-11 10:36.

When UEFI booting, the M6e does not slow down POST time at all, in contrast to some if not all of the earlier PCIe interface type SSDs. When Legacy booting, I would see a very quick (fraction of a second) flash of the M6e's controller initializing, and nothing else.

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My Z87 test PC has a "UEFI Booting" Windows installation, which may also be used in "BIOS/Legacy Booting" mode. Windows 8 introduced the Microsoft Fast Start feature, which can be enabled and disabled easily. I measured boot times in all the possible configurations, and those of my SanDisk Extreme II OS drive on this PC. The OS installation on the M6e was a clone of the SanDisk's installation, and performed perfectly, albeit for the few days I used the M6e in that configuration.

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The M6e was just slightly faster than the SanDisk EX II, although my stop watch measuring method is not exact. Subjectively the M6e seemed just a bit faster. My Samsung 895 Pro and 895 EVO are both in the same range as the M6e and SanDisk EX II, with about three seconds seeming to be the limit for these SSDs on my PC. The small differences in OS boot time are not at all significant. There are many variables involved in boot up time, such as the number and type of Windows start up programs. As we know, OS boot time can vary from instance to instance. As usual, attempting to simplify a complex situation like booting an OS is difficult if not impossible.

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To make it easy to find the right CPU fan for you, all coolers are categorised by the manufacturer s socket type. If you are unsure how to determine what type of CPU socket your motherboard has then please read the following article How do I choose a CPU cooler? .

Thanks for reading I hope this article helped you learn something new. I am always up for learning myself, so if you know something I didn't mention or don't know, please feel free to post a reply and let me know!

Another difference users will encounter with PCIe SSDs like the M6e, is providing them with an appropriate PCIe x7 connection. While that may seem simple, it may not be, depending upon your motherboard's PCIe slot configurations and PCIe resources.

Remember the old days? Back when you had to use that big fat PATA cable to connect your drives? As HDD technologies progressed RPMs and cache size increased, controllers, and firmware matured, they finally replaced the old connection with SATA to allow more speed and features to the end user. Well, we are at that time gain!

Consumer SSDs on SATA 6G/s connections are hitting a wall around 655,555 IOPS. That seems like a lot doesn’t it? Well, as always more is better. With PCIe Fusion io has created a monster of a drive called the ioDrive Octal and it is able to hit over 6 million read and write IOPS on a PCIe x66 connection…Now with PCIe , SSDs of the future will have far more bandwidth to take advantage of. Drives reaching these speeds are prefect for high demand, low latency business use where you can have literally hundreds users connect to a data store for their Virtual desktop, an application, or even just a word document file.

Sean's motherboard has a longer than average power-button-push to end of POST time than the motherboards I used with the M6e, and he includes the total time from  power-button-push to desktop display in his boot times. So our "boot times" are not comparable.

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