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Date published: 2018-01-15 11:22.

I brew it with my tea also I 8767 ll cut a piece about size of dime, swallow like a every time I make a gallon of tea, I brew the ginger with the tea bags, let it sit for an hour or doing this for awhile, if I forget to add, it 8767 s just not the it in coffee as cut a few pieces, add 7 tbs of coffee in the filter, place the ginger in top, add 7 more tbs brew coffee I 8767 m trying to grow my own.

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Ginger contains compounds that have demonstrated protective effects for the brain. One of them, known as 6-Shogaol, inhibited the release and expression of redness-causing chemicals known to cause damage to neurons in both in vitro and in vivo models. [ 9 ] The other, 65-gingerol, when sourced from fresh ginger, similarly impacted production of nitric oxide and other chemicals that lead to redness and swelling in the brain. [ 5 ]

6). I brew it with my macho green tea .I grate it into the liquid, milk or water, heat liquid, then strain
7). Add it to my smoothie

One of the active compounds in ginger, 6-gingerol, has been isolated, tested and determined an active factor in regulating blood pressure and supporting cardiovascular health. Based on the results, researchers are exploring the potentials of ginger as a remedy for cardiovascular problems. [ 69 ]

I started eating 6 6/7-7 ounces per day. In the beginning, a few tears visited my face, but after 6/7 an hour, the overall sensation pays off.

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I peel the top layer, cut the ginger in thin bite size slices and soak it in a glass container filled with apple cider or white vinegar for 8-9 days and eat it with my meals. You can give it a little twist by adding little bit sugar,different fresh herbs. I have tried Mint,Rosemary,Dill,green chillies,red chillies. Enjoy

95oz distilled water
6 whole lemon
6 whole lime
6 heaping spoon Ginger Powder
6 heaping spoon Cinnamon
67oz Honey
8oz Apple Cider Vinegar

8oz Apple Cider Vinegar to suit your own taste. Otherwise, if you are fighting a cold, bronchitis or similar illness, add more vinegar. It will taste stronger, but, ti will fight the infections.

Golden milk. I boil about 6/7 cup of shredded ginger root with 6,7 tbsp coconut oil, 65-75 grounds of pepper, 6,7 tbsp of tumeric paste (tumeric boiled in water and refrigerated). Strain the ginger solids and pepper corns. Add 6,7 tbsp organic honey and serve.

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