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Q&A: “Do both Twins have to Awaken to get to Twin Flame

Date published: 2018-02-12 23:40.

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This is why we made our Vibrational Alignment Course, to give as many Twin Flames as possible the tools to clear out the energetic baggage that comes up to be released during the Ascension process – so that as many as possible can come together without “running” and episodes of separation and hurt.

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These are very interesting questions, Ariella, thank you! I’ve encountered this a lot, and in my experience the answer is that no, it is not necessary for both Twins to awaken to start with. One Twin can awaken first and then help the other along. Many Twin Flame pairs actually pre-arrange the dynamic before incarnating together, ensuring that one will be the more spiritually attuned and is triggered to go through awakening sooner than the other developing their spiritual understanding so that when the time comes for the two to connect that person can “pull the other along with them” and lead the way. This is something I’ve seen time and time again in my intuitive practice for Twin Flames.

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In my understand, even though I have not met mine yet. Your inner main chakras will magnetically be pulled towards to him in a uplifting high vibration. People around you will notice something is off in a good way. If you are not in a Ascension process, depends on your path. Your Soul will set stages ahead of time for you to experience before the Union. So you will be ready to deal with its pressure and shock and aw. I don 8767 t get along with most women in this world, they are basically wired to the Matrix. It 8767 s a reason why I am not being tied with them.

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