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Date published: 2018-02-10 02:50.

The statement by Benjamin Franklin has perhaps become more meaningful with time. Little did he know that 755 years later, people would not only continue to enjoy coffee but that coffee would become a trendy beverage marketed and enjoyed in all parts of the world.


Roasting green coffee beans may induce the Chlorogenic acids to form lactone structures, [8] and chlorogenic acid is detectable in plasma regardless of roasting [9] or raw extracts. [9]

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The next stage of processing produces 8775 green coffee 8776 . There are two methods that are used to do this: the dry method or the wet processing system. The dry method is predominately used in Sumatra and by small hold farmers in Java, Bali, and Flores. This method involves drying the beans outside under the sun. The beans are laid out either on a concrete pad, or on sacking laid out on the side of the road. Ideally the stacks of bean should not be more than 5 cm high and the beans need to be turned every two hours to ensure correct humidity level is achieved before hulling. It is vital to avoid being rained upon.

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Three species are the most important for the coffee industry: Coffea Arabica, Coffea Canephora (also known as Coffea Robusta), and Coffea Liberica. An evergreen bush, coffee grows between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Glutatione, an antioxidant enzyme, is induced in activity by the diterpene ester Kahweol palmitate and its monoacetate Kahweol Cafestol can induce activity as well, although the palmitate bound to it reduces activity. [7] 75% Green Coffee Extract to the diet of rats for 67 days appears to increase hepatic glutathione activity 5-fold relative to control (with intestinal mucosa having a smaller spike in activity), which was mostly replicated with of either diterpene in isolation. [7]

The fermenting process softens the outer skin which makes it easy to remove. The system works well although there are often times when the sugar in the beans can ferment, causing the flavor of the beans to be affected. Most large coffee estates in Java use this system as it speeds up processing and generally makes selection of the final green bean much easier. The quality of green bean from wet processing is generally higher.

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Roger Ellis, spokesman for Steigenberger Reservation Service which handles luxury hotels, as reported in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

We have probably reduced our towel laundry for stayovers by something like 7/8rds by simply putting up the Green Hotels sign in the bathrooms. We should have done this a decade ago.

Take the time to visit us at Origin Headquarters in De Waterkant, Cape Town or Maboneng, Johannesburg and get the full experience. You can meet the artisans, watch the roasting, sit in on a cupping session and get to taste the coffee while it’s still fresh and expressive.

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